Long story short about me

I have two leading passions in my life: one is to create, and the other one is to explore the world. I love to create software, especially web applications. Graphic design, drawing and making animations give me a lot of fun as well. I try to lead an active lifestyle. Whenever I have some spare time, I try to dedicate it to learning new languages, spending my time with friends and family, and traveling. I'm a huge sports fan, as well, especially football. Besides that I love hiking and rock climbing. I feel extremely good in the mountains. In winter I ski. To relax I usually play video games or watch movies/tv series. I also pay high attention to my self-development in the IT field, in order to be up to date with current trends on the market. Beneath you can find all of the newsletters I subscribe currently.

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Graphic commisions

Besides computer programming I love to create graphics. Drawing has been my passion since I can remember. When I was younger, I used to have hundreds of notebooks, all of them filled with my sketches. Later on I moved more into digital art work and now I treat it as my hobby, taking small graphical project from time to time.

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Camera logo commission
Breathing scheme commission
Woman poster commision
Comic commission 1
Comic commission 2

Photo Gallery

I do believe that actions images speak louder than words. By looking at the pictures below, you can get a little grasp of what person I am outside of work.

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Photo of Sagrada Familia

Photo of Tower Bridge

Photo of climbing Karolina

Photo of Eiffel Tower

Photo of Murren

Photo of Notre-Dame

Photo of Alps in La Salette-Fallavaux

Photo of Cardiff

Photo of Stamford Bridge

Photo of Emirates Stadium

Photo of Old Trafford

Photo of Karolina bowling

Photo of climbing on Giewont in winter

Photo of waterfall in Selijalandsfoss

Photo of mountains seen from Rysianka

Photo of sushi

Photo of Victoria Memorial

Photo of lake

Photo of Canary Wharf

Photo of Formula One car

Photo of Karolina skiing

Photo of Karolina plaing game