My work history

I've started my journey with programming back in 2016 on Silesian University with C++ (basics) and Python (basics + NumPy), which I mostly used to analyze and simulate results of different experiments. I've also got some experience in creating basic drivers. Later, after I'd finished my studies, I decided to go in the different direction. I lived in London for a year and was learning web development on my own. In 2020 I'd managed to get an internship and worked as a trainee Full-Stack developer (PHP, JS React, MySQL, Rest API). Since then, I have been working as Front-End React TypeScript Software Developer.


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University of Silesia logo.

Uniwersytet Śląski


10.2015 - 03.2019

Modules included:
1st Year: Mathematical Analysis, Basic Course of C++ Programming Language.
2nd Year: Operating Systems, Computer Networks.
3rd Year: Advanced Course of C++ Programming Language, Using C# to Design Graphic Applications, The Basics of Building of Neural Network.
4th Year: Computer Simulation Methods, Oracle Databases.

03.2019 - 03.2020

Working & learning Web Development in London

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08.2020 - 10.2020

Building on my own a responsive web application, which had a catalogue of all company's servers, displayed in the tree structure. Server's data was taken and parsed from XML file to JSON. Anyone logged could browse through lists of servers. Search and sort by name function were applied. App had system of accounts as well. Admins, technical and user ones. Admins could manage accounts by editing them, deleting and authorize (every new user had to be authorized by admin). Admins could also see what user is logged at the moment.

Main responsibilities:
- designing both frontend and backend side of the app,
- creating an asynchronous communication between client and server via REST API,
- setting up server with database.

Languages: JavaScript, React, PHP.
Database: MySQL.
Styling: Ant Design UI, CSS.
Version Control System: GitHub.
Issue trancing: Trello.

Noble Systems company logo.

Noble Systems


10.2020 - 09.2021

Building from scratch a complete WebRTC Phone web application, based on SIP.js library. Major functionalities:
- making new, answering, and holding calls (conferences as well),
- contacts list with functionality of adding, deleting, and editing contacts. Search and sort options applied as well,
- history of calls with summarized data,
- voicemail and DTMF sending,
- account and phone input/output audio settings.

My main responsibilities on the front-end side of the project:
-working collaboratively in team environment, resolving conflicts,
-writing a clean and high-quality codebase,
-refactoring of codebase,
-writing the documentation,
-implementation of the functionalities from the documentation, given previously by PM,
-creating responsive, accessible and efficient web views, based on previously given mockups,
-reviewing pull requests of my less experienced peers, and helping them with styling/creating components,
-writing efficient unit tests.

Achievements I am most proud of:
-building a 'light' version of main application that could be inserted into an iframe and creating an API via those two elements could communicate,
-helping my peer with fixing up commit history on main branch in out project, after his mistaken merging,
-creating documentation with code standards of codebase of our project,
-implementing CSS modules into our main project, which improved team workflow noticeably,
-constructing complete translation system which let the user to change language of application (if not chosen, language was detected automatically).
Agile management: Scrum, Agile.
Version control system: Azure DevOps, Bitbucket.
Issue tracking tool: Jira, Trelllo.
Knowledge repository: Confluence.
Styling: SCSS, LESS, Semantic UI.
Testing: React Testing Library, JEST.
Communication tool: Microsoft Teams, Zoom.

Tellyo company logo.

Tellyo OY


09.2021 - now

Building an advanced hybrid cloud web application, based on AngularJS, React, Jitsi library, and OBS Studio software.

Main responsibilities:
- working collaboratively both with frontend and backend teams,
- writing a clean and high-quality codebase,
- creating new features in the monthly releases,
- code review of other developers in our teams,
- fixing new and old bugs requested by QA team,
- taking active participation in the planning of creating new features.

Main achievement:
- carrying out migration of our app from JavaScript to TypeSctipt (the whole app) and from AngularJS to React 18.

Languages: TypeScript.
Frameworks: React, AngularJS.
State Management: Redux Thunk.
Styling: SCSS, StoryBook.
Version Control System: GitHub/GitLab (git).
Issue trancing: Jira.